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September 18, 2020

Cloud Exadata for free

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Have you ever wonder, how it feels to be “piloting” an Oracle Exadata?

I started using daily Exadata since 2015, and can assure you, feels like being in a rocket, and now Oracle provide a lifetime Oracle Exadata for free, everyone should have one, not just for testing, but maybe to do some real hard calculations, I myself have 2 personal free cloud Exadata.

Just for the sake of comparison, I did a 10 billion rows average query on PostgreSQL, and it took 3 hours. On Exadata a 6 Billion rows average took 23 SECONDS.

The Oracle table had 161 GB.

select avg(lo_quantity) from ssb.lineorder;

Duration: 23 seconds

Maybe this column have tons of nulls?

Let’s check:

select COUNT(*) from ssb.lineorder WHERE LO_QUANTITY IS NOT NULL;


šŸ™‚ no it is really just the power of Exadata.

There are indeed some limitation with this Cloud Exadata Free Lifetime, But the key aspect is that it brings this “lineorder” sample table with 161GB, which you can create your own tables around, then join with it, and see how much Exadata can do for your company.

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