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May 17, 2012

TimesTen it´s all about performance

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Even using memory to speed up the whole operation, the ordinary Oracle have a primary goal to guarantee the recovery of the data, putting your information at the disk as quick as possible.

On the other hand TimesTen have a primary goal to make things faster, then they second thought is the security.

The simple and easy way to benefit from TimesTen is use the Cache group to put one or many Oracle tables running at TimesTen.

With TimesTen  you can achieve the remarkable 8.7 Millions Transactions Per Second.

First commercial inmemory database In 2010 full integration with Oracle product.

Last but not least, TimesTen have a concern regarding high availability with it replication memory to memory, at zero downtime using another timesTen node called reader farm.

So if you reach Oracle Enterprise Edition edge, with all it´s features like Reference Partitions/OLAP/Compression/Flash Cache among others, and you still need to improve your performance, TimesTen might be your solution.

Just keep in mind, that often redesign a little piece of your table, might solve lot of issues.

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