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May 15, 2012

SQLTXPLAIN Tool that helps to diagnose a SQL statement performing poorly

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SQLTXPLAIN AKA SQLT, is a tool that help dig deeper to improve a query response time.

After SQLT received a SQL statement it checks GV$ tables for further informations.
Then it record all information regarding a specific query.
It´s output set of diagnostics reports, including a test case , in HTML format

It´s help check out why different performance are happening it similar systems.

The heathly report , shows altogether things that we gonna need to investigate this query,
it even show the 10053 informations, and cross it with the 10046

It´s free (download at my Oracle Support Doc ID 215187.1)
And the installation are pretty straightforward, Just execute some sqls as SYSDBA

The XPLAIN doesn´t work for BIND, but the XTRACT and XCUTE, might work well.


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