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April 17, 2012

11 Reasons to upgrade to Oracle 11g.

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1 – Considering hardware/software investing to speed up the database?
Looking for some realtime database, or even an exadata solution?
Maybe Oracle 11g with smart flash option, can already speed up the database
the way you need, (smart flash let you use the flash memory making possible
to create a second cache layer (the first layer is memory))
Oracle 11g r2, have many other new features created specially to boost your database.
before go any further in hardware change, check with one expert in performance,
what is the root problem of your performance issue,
and check if 11g r2 could address it properly.
2 – General slowness

A. With STS (SQL Tuning Set) you can create a set of queries to be tuned automatically.

B.Very often our performance issues is due to failures on statistics, histograms was a very
good solution, but lack go to the heart of some problems: Statistics at coumpound columns, e.g. Two columns
with 12 distinct values each, will lead Oracle to calculate that there are 100 distinct combinations,
But often there aren´t , because the data in both columns have an intrinsic connection (months and astrological sign)
You actually have just 24 combinations not 144 which would misguide Oracle optimizer.
Now you can teach Oracle , even this subtle connection among columns.

C.Cursor sharing always was a hard decision to make (“do I want DB_CACHE problems due to bad cursor sharings?,
Or do I prefer SHARED_POOL issues due to repeated similar DML in my library cache?”),
Oracle 11g have now Intelligent cursor sharing, that is smart enough to fix all these.
3 – Serious degradation due to heavly backup.
A. On 11g r2 you now have the ZLIB compression algorithm , faster and lighter
B. Now just the in use UNDO will be backup up (before 11g all undo was backuped up regardless
if it was in use or not)
4 – Mission critical downtime due to application upgrade.
You need to create a simple column in the most concurrent table on the system, with Oracle 11g, it´s a piece of cake
Just use DDL WAIT and your alter table will now wait till that brief moment that you can alter the table.
5 – Security reason
If you are suffering attempts to hacking your database
Oracle 11g, have a lot of new features, which I highlight: Fail logon delay
Everytime one try to connect with wrong password , Oracle put a delay that
turn your database “force brute free”.
6 – Information Safety
Have you ever wondered what would happen if your tape backups falls in malicious hands?
With TDE (transparent database encryption) you don´t have to worry anymore.
All data within a given tablespace will be automatically encrypted
7 – You need to create a partitions based on parent table, and you cannot replicate the columns used in parent table to child one.
It´s possible with Reference Partition, you can partition your table using just the FK
8 – BUGs on your Oracle 10g r1 and below
Why keep struggling to make an obsolete version workout, knowing that eventually you are gonna face
a problem without a patch, don´t go to 10g r2, go Straight to 11gr2.
Depending on your version, you may even capture the load on you database and
check how it will work on 11g using RAT Real Application Test
9 – Slow reports that are slowing down the whole system.
You have a perfected tuned database for your OLTP , but once in a while that DW Report arise in the
middle of the day and now you need to triple the PGA, for some hours.
Memory target parameter, let you dinamically move your memory from SGA to PGA, decreasing the usage of
temporary tablespaces.
10 – Necessity to test the application with the production data.
You just refreshed the test database couple of hours and the developers are complaining that the data are already to old.
You actually have a window to test in production environment, but then what???
With Oracle 11g, you may test in production database, all you need is create a snapshot of the data
after they finish you can delete the snapshot, and the production will be like you never had been there.
11 – Your database is getting slow because a large amount of triggers created to track changes on some tables
Now you can have a Flashback data archive , and it do it automatically, with less resource usage, and cleaner.


It´s very important to note that most of the features just exists on Enterprise Edition,
and some of them are Options that should be paid (RAT, Partition, Tuning Pack)

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