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October 21, 2011

Simple way to get CPU usage

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Often we want just the CPU usage from a query rather than complete 10046,

As Tom Kyte published in setember Oracle Magazine:

SQL> begin
   2   :cpu := dbms_utility.get_cpu_time;
   3   dbms_application_info.set_client_info(0);
   4 end;
   5 /
PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

SQL> select owner, f(owner) from stage;

72841 rows selected.

SQL> select
  2  dbms_utility.get_cpu_time-:cpu cpu_hsecs,
  3  userenv(‘client_info’)
  4  from dual;

———   ———————–
       118                     72841

To read the whole article:

Ucertify evaluation

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Once again Ucertify gave me the honor to evaluate their products.

This time the product was PMI RMP – PMI Risk Management Professional Prepkit.

The overall feeling is that Ucertify have a very good solid product.

The specific area evaluated areas were:

Download , Installation and registration: Perfect.

Usability: Excellent.

Methodology: Very good.

Quality of questions: Very good.

Answer explanations: Good.

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