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June 23, 2008

Oracle interview questions

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Usually I see these type of question on forums, so I decide to put some basics questions:

What is the difference between cold backup and hot backup?

What is the difference between and constraints and triggers?

What is normalization? what is the advantage of normalization (briefly)

What is structure of Database?

What is the difference between primary key, unique key, sorrougate key?

What is the different between Stand Alone Procedure and Package?

How create database statistics?

What is Mutating Trigger?

What is Full Table Scan?

What is Tablespace Quota? what is usefull views?

You are going to out of tablespace space , what are you gonna do?

Describe a dead lock

Is lock a bad thing?

What is ORA-1555?

What is ORA-0600?

What is ORA-04031?

Difference of Physical and Logical Backup?

CBO Means?


Most of this questions had been extracted from :

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