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April 30, 2008

Oracle 12v the next generation

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I been thinking about the Oracle letters ,i (8i and 9i) then (10g and 11g)

So seems to me that Oracle 12 will have a new letter, and if you check the release 11g you´ll see a lot of reference about virtual things (Index, RMAN Virtual catalog) , and more…

Two months ago i installed a lot of Oracle instances on vmware environment (Win2003) . Why i didn´t simply install all instances on a real machine? MANAGEMENT is the answer, how can guarantee that one instance wouldn´t using resources of whole machine? I know i can use resource manager to help with this, but on a Virtual environment is much more easy, you just create you Virtual Machine with the resource , and voila.

So i believe that Oracle 12 will be the first v, fully integrated with Oracle VM.

Let´s wait.

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